Huang Weikai 黃偉凱

Born in 1972, Huang Weikai is a Guangzhou-based filmmaker with a degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He began creating films as a freelance artist in 2002.


Floating (2005)
Documentary/ 93min/ Producer/ Photographer/ Editor
Won the Black Pottery Prize and Audience Award at Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Forum 2005(China)
The 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival

A Vacuum Flask (2004)
Short feature / Photographer/ 30min
Won the Best Screenwriter Prize at Beijing Student Film Festival 2005(China)

Cosplayers (2004)
Experimental/ 8min/ Photographer
2005 Parallel Realities: Asian Art Now, 3th Fukuoka Triennale, Fukuoka, Japan 2005 Cosplayers solo exhibition, Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, New York

San Yuan Li (2003)
Documentary/ 40min/ Photographer
Z.O.U., 50th Venice Biennale

Laden’s Body Could Be Nothing But a Copy (2002)
Short feature/ 23min/ Director/ Photographer/ Editor
The 29th HongKong International Film Festival, Independent Vision of Pearl River Delta

Director’s Note

When I began shooting this film, I told myself not to be concerned with what a documentary “should be like”, or to worry about the meaning of “vérité” or “truth.” Both a documentary and a feature are films observing different sets of rules. What I set out to make was a film anyway. A wast majority of people hold that documentary is monotonous, lengthy and uninteresting, because the cliche of documentaries ruins the appetite of audience. A young filmmaker is not to produce a model of a standard documentary but to try to produce a creative piece of work, even he may risk committing very stupid or naive mistakes.

The most attractive aspect lies in uncertainty. During the shooting, neither I nor the people I shot had any idea what would happen next. We seemed to be in a floating boat, in the vast ocean, accepting the challenges that befell us. But that is only what the filmmaker felt. The people you shot may ask: “what is the difference between today and yesterday; why are you still shooting? In front of the camera, his life is mobilizing and changing. It is even more dramatic than a feature movie. His songs are also very expressive, so the interviews sometimes are replaced by performance, which is in fact more capable of expressing his emotions and delivering the information to target audience and sometimes even play the role of the narration.